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Фотоподборка дня - Daily Picdump - 301 (75 фото)


#wins Подборка за 01/06/2018

I know, a lot of masters and editors, copy all or part of our picdump etc. I want to ask for a favor - specify at least a couple of times the source ... I do not advertise the site and do not impose it on the user's network, any help in the promotion will be useful to me, and help keep afloat...

Earlier, some help in the popularization of the site was carried by the local platform in Russia, called the Zen.Yandex, but they would have to be abandoned, the platform itself behaves extremely unproductively and fraudulently with respect to content producers.

on this, any help is needed, otherwise the site can cease to exist without traffic *)

Фотоподборка дня - Daily Picdump - 301 (75 фото)

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