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Website feature single pictures of the following IA: APPhoto, AAP, GettyImages, The Guardian, Reuters, BarcroftImages, World Press Photo, ESO, Splash News and Pictures, GCImages, AFP Photo/DPA, CatersNews, KCNA, Stringer, FilmMagic, RIA, etc. Pictures taken from open sources and altered by outside source.

*Most of the text and article content we have in one way or another on the pages of the blogs livejournal, avaxnews, thechive, taringa. For this reason, we will not even indicate this every time in posts, but we'll write a separate paragraph here.

All images and materials displayed at pixmafia.com are being posted by its respective members, or independent users. In case of a copyright infridgement pixmafia.com takes no responsibility.

Pixmafia.com is a private archive that can be accessed from the Internet.

Any image found to be in violation with copyright law, or violation of intellectual property laws will be taken down immediately. Pixmafia.com cannot investigate the source of each image posted on the site. Pixmafia.com reserves the right to not give away the contact information of its members. Pixmafia.com will not use images or materials that contain private information for commercial purposes.

Pixmafia.com makes every attempt possible to source the artist or photographer, but sometimes cannot find the exact information. We respect the work of others, that is why we always try to put a link to the source where images were found. The links of the sites that own author’s rights and/or public domains where the content was collected are indicated above each post right before the comment section.

If you have recognized one of your photos, videos or other from the content on pixmafia.com that is in violation of copyright law, please email us at webmaster@pixmafia.com. According to your request, we will put a link on your portfolio/site (if you’re the author), otherwise we would immediately remove this material from the site upon proper proof and identification. Or we will find other method to solve the conflict situation.


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